For the last two centuries Muslims all over the world are on a down ride. Faced with the challenges of Industrial Revolution, western and communist theoretical attacks and technological holds of the non-Muslims on the practical front, they are striving hard for survival. They need a comprehensive and complete thought, based on original, true and clean Islamic teachings which can present a solution to their problems. The Leadership of PALM “Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri” is the balanced, broadmnded, un-baised, high visioned, reformative and scholarist personality who is capeble to lead the nation and Muslim world for the advancement of Islam, law, unity, harmony, and prosperty. As the Leadership of PALM is not baised, rigid, or extremist, therefore, he may create bridge, harmony and better relationship among the Muslim and Non-Muslim world which would lead the peace, prosperity, stability of systems and rule of law all over the world.

A strong setup of Law and Justice builts strong Nation and country. It strengthens the soverignity of the state and empowers the peoples. I hope and pray a vital role in the implementation of Law and justice be played by PALM.


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri


Chairman:Pakistan Awami Tehreek
Chairman:Muslim Christian Dialogue Forum
Founder + Patron in Chief:Tehreek-e-Minhaj-ul-Quran
(Organizations in 82 Countries.)


  • -LL.B.
  • -Ph.d in Islamic Law
  • -Advocate Member of Jhang + Lahore Bar Associations
  • – Former Professor of Law for LL.B. + LL.M. in Punjab University.
  • -Former Advisor to Supreme Court + Fedral Shariat Court.
  • – Founder + Patron in Chief: Awami Lawyers Movement Pakistan (PALM) (Country Wide Organization)
  • – Author of 50 Published Law Books.
  • – Author of 100 unpublished Law Books.
  • – 200 speeches + lectures on various topics to Bar Associations.
  • – 100 Lectures on various topics of Law.
  • – Chancellor to Minhaj International University (including Law Department)
  • – Arguments in important cases before High Court, Fedral Shariat Court and Supreme Court.
  • – Law Reform packages delivered on Islamic law, Constitutional Law, Political Law, Judicial and Police reforms.

  • Author of Books (Urdu, English, Arabic)

    Topics: religious, spiritual, Economy, Science, Medical, Universe, Law , Politics, morality, philosophy, jurisprudence, sociology.

    250+ Books (Published)
    1000+ Books (Unpublished)

    Lectures + Speeches available in Audio & Video, CDsM

    5000+ Lectures + speeches
    Note: All the income of Books + Cassettes is donated for the promotion of Islam. Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri get nothing in the shape of reality.

    Established Educational Institutions

    • College of Sharia and Modern sciences (COSMOS)
    • Minhaj International Women University.
    • The Minhaj Univeristy (the deptts: of Computer Sc., Commerce and Business Admn:)
    • 650 Model Colleges & Model Schools in cities, Primary Schools and Mass Education centers in Rural areas.
    • Thousands of Library all over the Country.
    • 54 Educational and Cultural Islamic Centers in Foreign Countries.
    • Etikaf Center for 15 thousand persons at Lahore.

    Welfare Achievements

    • Minhaj Hospital and Medical Institute.
    • Hundreds of Dispensary all over the Country.
    • Saiban for Women and Aghosh for Children.
    • Awami free legal Aid Cells.
    • Human Right and Social welfare wing.
    • Minhaj Education Society.

    International Awards to Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri

    • “International Man of the Year 1998-99” recognized and awarded by International Bio-Graphical Center of Cambridge, England in response of Educational and Welfare Services in the World.
    • “The 2000 Millennium Medal of Honour” awarded by the American Bio-Graphical Institute (A.B.I) in response of Extra-ordinary services in this Century for the welfare of humanity and society.
    • “The International Cultural Diploma of Honour” awarded by A.B.I.
    Addition of New Chapter regarding the services of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri in the Encyclopedia “International Who’s Who”